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If the WPO fails in South Portland, we'll all suffer


An Open Letter to the People of South Portland ...

Transitioning back to the U.S. from China because of the terrible pollution there, I came back home to Maine this summer, thinking that I would just visit my kids and look around for a quiet place along the coast with clean air and water where I could live out the rest of my years.

Then I heard what Big Oil is trying to pull in South Portland. I was appalled and devastated! So I decided to stay on and work FOR the Waterfront Protection Ordinance ... not just for myself and the future of my family, but for the enormous global issues at stake!

We all breathe the same air and drink the same water, and we all need South Portland's Waterfront Protection Ordinance, but we can't all vote on this issue.

If you look beyond Big Oil's double-talk, you already know what's at risk. If the WPO fails, we'll all suffer the toxic consequences.

So, wonderful people of South Portland, on behalf of all of us wherever the wind blows and the water flows ... please cherish your right to vote and vote on our behalf FOR the Waterfront Protection Ordinance, and protect us all!

With gratitude and great hope,

Bonnie Vierthaler

Greater Portland
(Looking for a clean, green place to call home)

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