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Bear trapping cruel, Maine voters should pass Question 1


In November, Mainers will have the opportunity to vote against the cruel practice of Bear Baiting, Trapping and Hounding.

Bear trapping is so cruel that Maine is the very last state in the country to still allow this practice. It would be a felony if done on companion animals yet the sick-minded individuals who practice this get away with it under the guise of "population management." A bear's instinct is to break free from foot snare traps, which can lead to extensive injuries to the animals. Trappers have even reported bears chewing off their own paws to free themselves. Since these traps must be checked only once per day, the bear could be suffering for hours in excruciating pain.

Mother bears are particularly vulnerable to baiting. When they are killed, they leave behind orphaned cubs that are frequently unable to survive on their own.

Bear hounding uses high-tech, unsporting equipment. There is nothing "natural" or "traditional" about packs of dogs outfitted with GPS devices forced to run down bears. Dogs trap bears in trees, allowing houndsmen to follow a GPS signal with a handheld computer to find the frightened and exhausted bear and shoot them off tree limbs at point-blank range.
After gaining their trust by luring them day after day to barrels full of donuts, bears are then shot at close range for an easy trophy kill. Who is the real "nuisance"? Definitely NOT the bears! Please vote YES on Question 1 to end this cruel practice!

Grace Trifaro

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:51

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A 'possible hint of hypocrisy' surrounding Sen. Collins on wage issue


Senator Susan Collins voted AGAINST (S 1737) "Minimum Wage Fairness Act" to increase the federal minimum wage for employees April 2014.
Her annual salary is $174,000 plus perks! Her staff salaries for the fiscal year 2013 was $2,472,051!
I'm alleging the possible hint of hypocrisy?
Raymond Berard Sr.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:54

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Footgolf at Riverside Golf Course a bad idea for taxpayers


Riverside Golf Course in jeopardy again. Ryan Scott, Manager and Sally Deluca decided after a two week deliberation to bring FOOTGOLF to Riverside on October 24th. FOOTGOLF will ruin the golf course financially by driving golfers away permanently and reducing Revenue 50% or more since the fees are less than half of golfing fees. Golf courses such as Nonesuch, Sable Oaks, Toddy Brooks, etc. would never allow FOOTGOLF for these very reasons.

Who the hell wants to golf with rugby players kicking a twenty-one inch (21-inch) soccer ball around the golf course into thirty inch (30-inch) holes. They're proposing to turn our Golf Course into a "mine field" with duplicating Tee Boxes and Greens adding to the $330 million dollar tax burden.

Due diligence was not performed to include a Marketing Report, list of pros and cons, projection of Loss Revenue, etc.

FOOTGOLF is an example of why the Golf Course was placed in the Land Bank for protection from "harebrain" and "stupidity personified on a pedestal" ideas. Major changes in "land use" such as FOOTGOLF need to go through a process and potentially a citywide vote by taxpayers.

Another "harebrain" idea was to build the new Clubhouse in the parking lot. I was the only sane person in the city to argue against this.

Another "harebrain" idea was to not repair the bathrooms at the South Course for eight years which resulted in excess of $210,000 of lost revenue per my Business Plan of Action Report. Total revenue decreased $220,046 in three years.

The City Manager is refusing to post my Report on the city website to hide the managerial problems and solutions from the taxpayers. My commonsensical report details how to increase revenue annually by $400,000 without increasing fees. My report can be requested at " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ."

Janet Daigle, Member
Riverside Golf Course & Taxpayer/Owner

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:58

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Herb Adams cares about people, deserves your vote

I am writing to tell you why I support my friend Herb Adams for the House this fall and why I hope readers will do the same. It is my story but one that could happen to us all.

Last summer, I suddenly found myself without my expected summer job, and just didn't know where to turn. So I called on my neighbor and friend Herb Adams, who I knew cared about people in moments of stress, and wrote him a letter. It was the right call. Herb came to my door that night. He got all the details right away. We met several times in the next few days, and he searched out opportunities for me. He wrote me several recommendation letters,
each one for a different outfit.

Those recommendation letters were gold. Herb's name carried weight, and in no time I got two part-time jobs to tide me through that summer because of him. What sort of a friend would do that? A good one, who was a good legislator before and will be a good one again.

Herb really cares about people one-on-one and proves it with action, and I know I am not
the only one he does things like this for.

But I am a grateful one, and Maine is lucky to have people like him serving us in Augusta. That's why I'm voting for Herb Adams for state rep. this fall and why I hope you will, too!


Adam Easton


Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:59

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President Obama more interested in power than public safety

President Obama's pitiful response to the Ebola outbreak supports his ideological objectives but may sacrifice thousands of American lives.
A President who cared about American lives would have quickly acted to stop Ebola from being brought here. Travelers from the regions with Ebola outbreaks wouldn't be allowed into our country.
Homeland Security reports that nearly 500 people from the three countries with the greatest Ebola outbreaks were captured in 2013; many more probably escaped capture. A caring President would have stopped all illegal border crossings.
The world knows about our open borders. Thousands more people from Ebola stricken regions are certainly coming here. These travelers will likely infect thousands more people along the way, and all will flood our border wanting treatment.
Now some nearly useless, costly, but face-saving screening has begun. Passenger statements are used for screening even though Thomas Duncan, who died, lied about contact with Ebola. Passengers' temperatures are being checked although Thomas Duncan apparently didn't have a raised temperature and common drugs can reduce one's temperature. But screening won't even be done at all US airports that receive international, or even African, passengers!
Illegal alien border-crossers often carry rare (in the US) illnesses. President Obama has moved thousands of illegals around the country without adequate health screenings or notifying the targeted host communities. Illegals create a burden on our schools, hospitals, welfare services, etc., and pose a health threat to our communities.
American children are dying of the enterovirus D68 shortly after the Obama administration distributed inadequately screened illegal aliens around our country. This seems an unlikely co-incidence.
President Obama won't close the border because he sees poor and uneducated people as Democrat voters. President Obama won't take effective steps to stop Ebola because an Ebola crisis will provide an opportunity to spend more money and increase Presidential power.
President Obama's actions show that his ideological objectives are a higher priority than protecting Americans.
President Obama is protected by a fawning media, but Americans aren't protected from the diseases this uncaring President lets into our Country.
Don Ewing
Meredith, N.H.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 October 2014 22:59

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