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Let us hope another zillion local news items await

To the Editor:

I read in the paper that the SUN will soon set. Say it ain't so!
Here's why: A few years ago when the SUN was new, I was the first local state legislator to send the SUN an article, this one about tenants' winter heating rights. I did not know what to expect — but soon found out. Within a week I had a dozen phone calls, and all of them said they had seen it in the SUN. "Wow," I thought then, those new guys at the SUN are on to something."
And I think they still are. The hunger for solid local news is a big one. Now, these years later, and hundreds of SUN letters, thousands of articles, and zillions of Local Event listings later, that hunger is still there, happily, more than ever.
In a democracy, the departure of a newspaper is always a sad thing.
But the good thing here is that the PHOENIX will soon link arms with the SUN, and for Portland's sake, let us hope, another zillion local news items await us all between its new pages.
The Phoenix, the official symbol of our often-burned-to-the ground City, is the legendary bird that rises again out of its own ruins to live a new, long and good life.
May the story of Portland's newest newspaper be the same.
Yes, the PHOENIX takes flight — but the SUN also rises! (Apologies to Mr. Hemingway for that one.)
With Best Wishes
Herb Adams
Former state Rep., Portland

Last Updated on Monday, 22 December 2014 22:37

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Thanks offered to Halkias for stirring memories from the 1960s


I graduated from Deering H.S. in 1963, and went off to the U. of Michigan that fall. That was before "Rustbelt" was part of the lexicon. Detroit was booming. Portland wasn't. Needless to say I had a student ticket to the football games. The Big House made quite the impression — after Fitzpatrick Stadium. In his 12/19 column "Rivals in name only," Telly Halkias led off with the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry.

Michigan's Bump Elliot was having a good year in '63; Woody Hayes was coaching Ohio State in his short-sleeved white shirt — regardless of the weather. I don't recall the winner of that pairing. What was unforgettable about that season was Navy quarterback Roger Staubach. With half the Wolverine defense on him he could still complete a perfect pass. He was unstoppable. Mighty Michigan was blown out of the water. That was Staubach's junior year - his Heisman Trophy year. (That was the last Heisman won by a military academy player).

Not long after that game Kennedy was assassinated and we started hearing more about Vietnam. The world was changing.

Thanks for stirring these memories. I really appreciate Telly's thoughtful columns, and feel remiss in not having said so before.

Merry Christmas.

Philip H. Lee


Last Updated on Monday, 22 December 2014 22:38

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Best of wishes to the Sun, you will be missed

I'm so sad that the Portland Sun is closing. It was the best newspaper in town. You and your staff were always cordial, and more important you were always accurate in your reporting.
And, of course, we will miss your good calendar.
Good luck in your new jobs. Hope you have a good holiday despite getting bad news for Christmas.
Joan Grant

Last Updated on Monday, 22 December 2014 22:39

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Establishment politicians voted for special interests over voter interests

Washington Democrats and Republicans just passed a budget that rewards the special interests at the expense of the American people. Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congresswoman Kuster voted for the special interests. Congresswoman Shea-Porter voted for the people over the special interests.
The budget was created by the political party establishments, including President Obama, Speaker Boehner, and Majority Leader Reid, and special interest groups. The 1600 plus page document is heavy with pork, favors for supporters, and support for wasteful, ineffective, and unpopular programs.
In an unbelievable act of betrayal of the American people, this budget puts taxpayers back on the hook for potentially trillions of dollars of losses incurred by the big banks. Congress repealed the Dodd-Frank provision that prevented banks from gambling with taxpayer insured money, a factor in the 2008 financial meltdown.
This budget deal denied the recently elected Senators and Congressmen the opportunity to start fixing the problems, created by current and previous Congresses, that the voters sent them to address.
Among other things the budget deal fully funds Obamacare (through September), funds President Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens (through February), increases the power of political parties over the people, over-rides Washington DC voters related to marijuana, bails-out Blue Cross Blue Shield, provides corporate welfare via OPIC, it freezes Vice-President Biden's salary, forces the Postal Service to deliver mail on Saturday, demands that nutrition assistance programs include white potatoes (everyone knows how essential they are!), it blocks a rule that truckers get more sleep before driving, blocks funding for sprucing up UN buildings (a token for the people), provides money for livestock killed by wolves, approves increased NSA spying on Americans, etc.
One would think that some of these things could have been handled normally by Congress rather than crammed into this last-minute bill in the middle of the night. One wonders how many more items, important or trivial, good or bad, were slipped into this bill that not a single Senator or Congressman read before voting?
About 40% of the Republicans (led by the TEA Party members, showing why they are attacked by the party establishments) and about 40% of the Democrats voted for the people, not the special interests.
BTW, the Washington Post says the politicians supporting this pro-special interest bill received, on average, twice the amount of donations from the finance/insurance/real estate industries as the politicians opposing it (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/12/12/democrats-who-voted-for-the-spending-bill-have-received-twice-as-much-money-from-the-finance-industry-as-the-no-voters/).
The passage of this budget deal is further proof that the majority of the Washington politicians of both political parties don't care what the people want or what's best for the vast majority of Americans if those things are contrary to special interests wants.
Don Ewing
Meredith, N.H.

Last Updated on Monday, 15 December 2014 23:20

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Letter writers prove to be 'sore winners' after governor's race


I noticed in the letters to the editor in Vol. 6, No. 108 that people are calling a disappointed columnist a "sore loser" for "hating LePage." I contend that these folks are sore winners.

It only took a day for them to brag that LePage got more votes than any other governor in Maine election history. I guess they neglected to mention that he also got more votes against him than any other governor in Maine election history.

The first two letter writers both called the columnist an "ass" (or an "a--") in the vulgar name-calling style of their man in the Blaine House. No need for that, buckaroos.

Maine will sure be sore for a lot of years because of the vicious spirit of their victory. The winners have pretty much vowed to get even with their enemy neighbors and scrape the state clean of all its liberal progress and of all the stuff they guess they're against.

The third sore-winner-letter-writer in your paper included a list of things we can now repeal to get our nation back to the glorious, holy, saved, shimmering and aww-shucks days of old.

(If letter writer No. 3 could only get them to repeal that pesky, ol' Emancipation Proclamation, he wouldn't have to hate Obama so much for his heathen healthcare and such; his real hate motives could come back to roost.)

Maine probably won't get to see its folks working together for a common benefit any time soon. The forces that manipulated our passions and intentions and expectations in that last election want their money back ... with interest ... and devotion, right away.

Enos Namor

(Homeless in) Portland

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 December 2014 23:03

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