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Writer disgruntled with the councilors and newly elected mayor

Open letter to the first elected mayor to Portland and to the city councilors:
Are you serious? You are even thinking about changing High Street's traffic pattern? This pattern has worked here in Portland for a good many years and still works quite well, really. "If it works, don't fix it." Have any of you ever heard that one?
Is it that one of our newer wealthy entitlement-seeking out-of-town buyers of the previous Eastland Hotel are putting in a monied request for this? Of course, this is what they did with attempting to buy our Congress Square Park, our only in-town park. They are still trying to figure out a way to build their reception center (or whatever it is they want to build) in Congress Square.
The councilors are, as we speak, trying to figure out a way for them to do this. Maybe they could build some of Congress Square Park on top of their reception center and then charge rent for use of their building?
Also, who got to vote on putting an elected mayor in Portland? I sure did not. Too many schools and other community needs are being cut down, why would anyone want to pay out extra money for an elected official?
Why not hire some local businesses to grow Portland, why the "big money" foreigners who are coming one after another to buy out Portland and redo it to their whims and wishes? Do they really care about Portland? I don't think so! Our local businesses do, for sure.
I am definitely on the side of Keep Portland Livable and Friends of Congress Square Park people, without a doubt. They care about Portland. They also need our help in their endeavor to keep our city livable for Portlanders rather than outsiders. The mayor and councilors are pretty powerful people to fight. We've seen some of their deceitful maneuvers already regarding selling Congress Square Park. They are still trying to keep the monied outsiders happy in some way regarding Congress Square Park, and at Portland's expense.
Totally disgruntled with the councilors and newly elected mayor here in Portland.
Ann J. Dillon

Last Updated on Monday, 18 August 2014 23:28

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Shenna Bellows wants to serve in the Senate, but she's an ACLU liberal

Whatever happened to our rights to religion, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms?
Why did we fight WWII and Korea? Because we were attacked and we (the lucky ones) came home hoping to live in peace.
Then came the Cold War and at the United Nations meeting, after WWII, Khrushchev standing at his podium, pounded his shoe on it as to emphasize that they (Russia) would not have to fight the USA, as we would bury ourselves. How right he was. It took some time, but we had succeeded in doing just that.
We can thank the ACLU liberals. And the Supreme Court.
The ACLU brought the case to the Supreme Court that no prayer or anything pertaining to the Lord will be taught in the schools. No such thing as Christmas of the Lord being born. Or Easter as the Lord rising from the dead. Children cannot put their drawings in the windows as it predicted God, then they the teachers could not make the students stand to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they said no Christmas trees in schoolrooms or anywhere in the schools as it symbolized religion. Teachers cannot discipline students for being rude as talking, slouching, hat on their heads, etc. while she or he is trying to teach those slobs. Even though 95 percent of the population believes in the Supreme Being, the ACLU takes it to the Supreme Court, who agrees.
Then the ACLU said we will take away all monuments, statues and plaques that show anything religious and have them removed from sight from all public areas. And the Supreme Court agreed.
Now the ACLU says we will show who's running the country, we made it immoral, let's continue, we'll start turmoil among the whites and the minorities. We'll make it a law that all learning establishments and businesses will have a quota of minorities even if they are not educated or qualified to be placed in such college or workforce over the whites who will be rejected. The same went for the landlords in renting.
Then, the law that really made this country to cause dissent was the hate law. A person can't look sideways at a person, or tell a joke or anything a minority doesn't like, it's sue, sue, sue.
Now Shenna Bellows wants to run for Sen. Collins' seat. She being an ACLU liberal, and the atheists have taken away our religious rights and destroyed this country's morals and togetherness of all nationalities. Think about this when you go to the polls.
Richard C. Campbell
South Portland

Last Updated on Monday, 18 August 2014 23:31

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Who is the governor to question federal law on alien children?

Your weekend edition (July 25) quotes Governor LePage, "our nation and our state still welcome legal immigrants who want to work hard and help Maine prosper." Also, "we cannot afford to spend our limited resources on those who come here illegally, we cannot become a stat that encourages illegal immigration."
The article states that "according to the U.S. Department of Human Services," by law, HHS must provide for the custody and care of unaccompanied alien children, who by definition are those who have "not attained 18 years of age ... and where there is no parent or legal guardian in the U.S. available to provide care and physical custody."
Mr. LePage seems surprised these children have rights. Maine's governor seems to be unable to decide what message he wants to send to Maine's electorate.
If the U.S. HHS says the children are legal, by the law President Bush signed into effect, who is Mr. LePage to question it?
Governor LePage seemed put off by his questions to the White House officials being unanswered. At least he wasn't told to "kiss their butt."
America's citizenry and ethnic makeup will always evolve, hopefully. That's what makes us the melting pot we are and will continue to be. That's progressive, Mr. Governor, get used to it!
Christopher Bove

Last Updated on Monday, 18 August 2014 23:32

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Fence around Monument Square statue could solve trespassing problem


Having recently read an article with problems at Monument Square and trespassing signs ("Monumental sign reversal: Anti-trespassing signs vanish, reappear at Monument Square statue," Friday, Aug. 1). In the long ago past, they had a fence around the monument in an oval shape. It is well documented in history by photographs. Perhaps this might be the answer.
I refer you to this Facebook page for the photo: https://www.facebook.com/PortlandMaineHistory1786ToPresent/photos/a.335539026510530.80478.124967760900992/336916176372815/?type=3&theater

John French



Last Updated on Thursday, 07 August 2014 22:03

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Illegal immigration benefits some powerful special interests

Is illegal immigration good for our nation? No.
About 21.5 million (about 9.5 million unemployed and 12 million labor force dropouts who couldn't find jobs) more Americans could be employed if there were available jobs. Millions of illegal aliens take jobs that unemployed Americans could take.
Most illegals are relatively uneducated and unskilled and so they join the labor pool of uneducated and unskilled Americans which already has our highest unemployment rate (almost 10%). Increasing the number of people looking for fewer jobs allows employers to pay lower wages which makes our working poor even poorer.
Does it help a nation to have lots of people on unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc.? No. Poor people are supported by the people who do earn money. Many taxpayers struggle financially because of low wages, reduced working hours, and high prices (increased by government requirements and demand from taxpayer supported unemployment and welfare recipients).
It's best for a nation, and its people can prosper if everyone has a job that provides goods and services that people and businesses need, want, and can afford.
A nation, its leaders, and its laws lose respect when politicians and bureaucrats refuse to enforce our immigration laws that protect our citizens and our sovereignty.
Our nation has stringent requirements for immigrating legally, e.g., health, skills, and financial independence, to ensure that immigrants contribute to our country and don't harm or burden others. Is it fair to the millions of legal immigrants and foreigners trying to come here legally that illegal aliens are rewarded with benefits and allowed to stay? No.
Illegal aliens may bring diseases that spread to others and require costly treatments. Illegal aliens burden taxpayers by obtaining benefits and services far in excess to the taxes they pay. A disproportionate number of illegal aliens commit crimes and accidents that hurt legal residents, burden our justice system, and increase taxes.
If unrestricted immigration were good for our nation, then why is it illegal? Unrestricted immigration is illegal because it is bad for our nation and for our citizens, because the American people know that it is bad, and because politicians know that the American people are already angry at politicians for not enforcing our laws.
Nevertheless, Washington politicians tolerate, and even seem to encourage, illegal immigration. Why? Because illegal immigration benefits some powerful special interests which richly reward the politicians who allow it.
This November we have the chance to replace New Hampshire's two Congresswomen and Senator Shaheen who put their own interests and those of special interests and illegal aliens above what is best for the American people.
Don Ewing
Meredith, N.H.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 21:20

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