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Planned Parenthood of Northern New England appreciates volunteers


National Volunteer Week is April 6-12, and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) would like to thank its 116 volunteers and 22 board members from across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Their service in 2013 totaled 7,961 hours and aided our staff in providing sexual health services and education to more than 42,000 patients. It is an honor to work alongside these members of our northern New England community who actively, and publicly, commit their time to ensure all people can make voluntary choices about their health.

The positive effect our volunteers have had can be seen throughout our various organizational departments and from within 12 of our 21 health centers. From filing charts, to speaking to the community about the Affordable Care Act, to warmly greeting patients, to approaching state representatives about reproductive health issues, to writing thank you notes to our donors, to planning community outreach events, to assisting with daily operations in our administrative offices — each and every volunteer helps make it possible to provide outstanding customer service, push forward our advocacy efforts, and achieve excellence in all that we do.

On behalf of PPNNE, I thank each and every one of our volunteers for their active support in making this mission a reality.

Meagan Gallagher

CEO, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England


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Should USM change its name to Vocational Technical School?


Congratulations to the Daily Sun for printing John Branson"s excellent essay defending the liberal arts (April 4, "In Defense of the Liberal Arts," John H. Branson guest column). All education must feature the understanding of what it means to be human. If the future for our public institution is career education, let's change the name to Vocational Technical School and forget the pretense of a university.
If curriculum ignores history, ethics and creative art expression, it is not complete education.
Robert Libby
Chebeague Island

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 April 2014 23:41

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How about Bayside take Sangillo's Tavern, give up Preble Street?


I propose that the Bayside Neighborhood Association make an offer to the India Street Neighborhood Association to take Sangillo's Tavern off their hands and locate it in Bayside. In exchange we'll let them have Preble Street Resource Center.
Jay York
Besieged by Bad Behavior in Bayside

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 April 2014 23:41

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Central Maine Power's surcharge a cowardly scourge

What Fools These Mortals Be; Central Maine Power's Surcharge:

Let us now contemplate Central Maine Power's bill to taketh a basic "surcharge" to have have electricity, even if yon light bulb, yon critter cam, yon water pipe's warming tape, yon refrigerator is not turned on.

Whither yon such clever plan?

Let us turneth back time's dusty clock to Central Maine Power's executives' salaries in days of yore, specifically to 1994. Whither the newspaper clipping I saved for many years, with yon salaries for the top management, I knoweth not. Alas, the proof is on yon internet.

Hark! There is $500,000 paid to David Flanagan, yon Central Maine Power President. Lo, there the multitudes of vice- presidents and top management that commoners doth pay six figures, but not as higheth six figures as David Flanagan but close. He still only worketh 40 hours a week like we commoners and serfs. Maybe 50 when he traveleth.

1994 doth many years ago. Whither those fat salaries when Central Maine Power was bought out by Florida Light and Power? Go downeth ?

"What fools these mortals be" if we thinketh the salaries go down ! If we thinketh the vice presidents and top management doth now abstain from lobbying said legislature! They lobby inside/outeth to pass surcharges to keepeth bottom line as is and salaries plumpeth with biggeth bucks!

"These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights, that give a name to every fixed star, have no more profit of their shining nights than those that walk and know not what they are." Hah! Central Maine Power fixeth that by surcharges to make money off commoners whose electric consumption goeth down with solar panels. Whither those fat salaries from days of old? What fools we mortals be to not noticeth that sweat drippeth off the executives brow to think executive salaries and lion share of profits decreaseth when heaven's lights from wind and solar multiplieth.

Susan Cook


Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 April 2014 23:41

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Columnist a good read for foodie, soon to be empty-nester

I've been a regular reader of the Portland Daily Sun for a little more than year now. I'm a foodie and am about to become an empty-nester; so without coincidence I've found Natalie Ladd's two columns extremely entertaining and fun to read. As a single dad with three teenage boys about to move on; Natalie's perspective and pet names for her two daughters are very amusing. I do not read one of those columns without smiling throughout. Natalie's wit and her ability to communicate these fun (but somewhat heartbreaking) times of life, provide a nice slice of reality as a parent. Kudos to her on that column!
Being a foodie, I find Natalie's other column equally humorous, but also very informative. The "behind the scenes" perspective she provides is quite interesting. What better way to go armed into a local restaurant, than with her wisdom. With that, I want to call attention to her professionalism. I recently had a situation where I was trying to determine where to take my son out for a special 18th birthday dinner. Given the vast offerings of greater Portland, I thought, "Why not ask Natalie"? I sent an email, and within a day I had over a dozen suggestions, with pros & cons, suggested menu items for an 18 year old boy, etc. I can't thank her enough for the quick and helpful response, branded with her own special humor. It made my job so much easier in picking a place to dine, and I have made reservations. She really knows her stuff!
I look forward to reading her columns and what different angles she might bring each week. A truly entertaining and captive columnist. Keep up the good work!

Gregory Blake

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