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A vote for Cutler is a vote for LePage; choose Michaud instead


A vote for Eliot Cutler, Independent, is a vote for Republican Governor LePage. If Maine voters really want to re-elect the incumbent Governor LePage, they should vote for him.

Since Independent Ralph Nader caused the election of Republican George W Bush in 2000, there has been a new verb in our lexicon: "to nader." "Nadering" is all about the ego of the independent candidate who has no chance of winning but will spoil the chance of one of the other candidates. In this case, that of Democrat Mike Michaud.

So, if we Mainers really want four more years with LePage, then we may make ourselves feel better by voting for Cutler so we may be absolved of the embarrassment of having voted for Governor LePage.

Or we can vote for Mike Michaud and feel good that we made a real choice.

Stefi Reed Hastings


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:35

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Chipman goes the extra mile for his constituents


I support State Rep. Ben Chipman for re-election to the Maine House of Representatives. I have lived in Parkside for many years now and can attest to the way Rep. Chipman goes the extra mile in keeping his constituents informed and involved.

Since he first knocked on my door in 2010, Ben has been in continuous contact regarding his work in the State House including the bills that he is supporting. He has held 5 town hall meetings that have provided opportunities for voicing questions and concerns pertainting to District 119. In addtion, he distributes information door-to-door on how to file for a rent rebate.

What I admire most in Ben Chipman is his tenacity and dedication for implementing the best for the residents of Portland. That's why I urge you to support him for re-election on Nov. 4th to continue advocating for substantial issues that affect us all.


Chris Reed

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:36

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Support Chipman's bid for re-election to the legislature


I am writing to share my support for State Representative Ben Chipman and strongly support his re-election. Ben has proven his reputation for being accessible and responsive to his constituents and I know that he is working hard to represent the people of Portland and all Mainers in the state house.

Last spring I phoned his office to express my hope that he would support legislation to expand healthy care coverage for hard-working Maine families. It meant a lot to me that he took time to not only personally answer the phone, but talk about the issues and his positions on them.

I then met Ben in person this summer when he was going door to door to meet with people he represents in government. I was so impressed that a person who was elected to represent the will of the people was stepping up to show that he didn't forget who elected him, and that the issues of his constituents are his issues in Augusta. I told him how important access to health care is to me personally as a mom, and professionally as a health care provider. We spoke about how much LePage's refusal to accept funding has hurt people in this community.

I know that Ben has been fighting in Augusta to make sure that Maine does accept federal funding to cover 70,000 Maine residents, and is actively working to represent my concerns in Augusta.

Earlier this fall I spoke with Ben again when he rang my door bell. Again he was out meeting with the people the he represents to listen to their concerns. I feel confident that he is working hard to truly be a representative of the people, something that I feel that so many other elected officials fail to do.

I urge my fellow Portlanders to re-elect Ben Chipman on Nov. 4 so that he can keep working hard for the hard working people of Maine.


Ariel Bernstein

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:37

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Adams knowledgeable, supportive of those who need a voice


I would like the people of Portland, in particular, those of Parkside and the West End to know that Herb Adams is one of the best people you could ever ask for as a representative. He is knowledgeable about the issues facing your area, the state of Maine and the country in general. He's a strong supporter of those that need a voice and has the connections to make things happen.

A fervent supporter of the education, he has served on the Portland School Committee and in the Maine House. He is someone we all can count on make the right decisions. The community can be best served by electing Herb Adams to the District 40 seat in the Maine State House of Representatives.
Timothy Curran
South Portland

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:37

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Adams an effective legislator, according to lawmaker


I am writing in strong support of Herb Adams (D), who is running for the State Legislature, House District 40. We need Rep. Adams back in the State House.

Rep. Adams is one of the most effective legislators I have worked with in the 13 years I have served in Augusta. The people of Portland have never had a harder working legislator than Herb Adams.

Rep. Adams sponsored the pioneering legislation that prevented the dumping of sewage in Casco Bay by cruise ships. He was endorsed in the past by the League of Conservation Voters as well as by the Sierra Club for his outstanding and effective advocacy on behalf of the environment.

When a bill was proposed to strip the rights of Portlanders, and all Mainers, to petition government about projects by big box developers or big corporations, Rep. Adams led the successful fight to defeat it, against all odds. Well paid lobbyists came out against us. I worked with Rep. Adams on this and can personally attest to the long and exhausting hours he put in to protect citizens' rights. His extensive research, work with the Attorney General's office and with allies, and finally his extraordinary presentation in the final House floor debate secured the extra votes needed to defeat the legislation.

Rep. Adams is one of the greatest public speakers I have ever heard in the Maine Legislature. It was Rep. Adams' extraordinary presentation in the last hours of the 123rd Legislature that caused enough State Senators to change their votes to enable us to protect the rights of people to petition their own government.

Rep. Adams is a person of great integrity and honor, who knows how to work effectively to get things done for the people he represents. Please vote for Herb Adams on Nov. 4. The people of Portland and Maine need Herb Adams back in the State House.

Most sincerely,
Rep. Peggy Rotundo
House District 74

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 October 2014 23:38

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