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PTSD added to list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, group reports

Maine residents suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will soon be allowed to treat their symptoms with medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it, an advocacy group reported Wednesday. A bill adding PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, LD 1062, became law Tuesday without the governor's signature, according to the Marijuana Policy Project.
A similar measure was signed into law earlier this month in Oregon, and medical marijuana is currently allowed in the treatment of PTSD in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and New Mexico, the group reported.
"There is mounting evidence demonstrating the benefits of medical marijuana for individuals suffering from PTSD," said David Boyer, Maine political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. "Maine lawmakers should be commended for taking action to ensure veterans and others living with PTSD are able to use medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms and live healthy and productive lives. They deserve nothing less."
Eighteen states and Washington, D.C. allow patients with qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with recommendations from their physicians. The Illinois Legislature approved similar legislation in May, which is now awaiting the governor's signature. The New Hampshire Legislature adopted similar legislation Wednesday and the governor has announced she will sign it, Boyer said.

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