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Stein: 'Time to replace politics of fear with politics of courage.'

Jill Stein is medical doctor by trade, but as the Green Party's presidential candidates, she aims to fight a different sort of disease.8-31-stein-1
"I'm practicing political medicine," Stein said, during a visit to Portland on Thursday.
The bad policy that's been enacted in Washington is at the middle of the illness, Stein said, and fixing that one problem will solve the accessory issues.
During a series of campaign stops in Maine, Stein gave the keynote address during a Green Party rally in Monument Square. Local Green Party candidates for the state legislature and school board.
Stein said it's time to take back people's jobs, their health care and their educations. She said people want to take back their democracy.
"It needs fixing at every level," she said. "It won't get fixed ... unless it's challenged."
Stein, who lives in Lexington, Mass., has a long history of activism and political involvement outside her work as a doctor.
It was during the discussion on the debt ceiling last year that Stein became more involved with the Green Party. She said both political parties made proposals to cut the debt that dismantled programs like Medicare and Medicaid and removed the social safety net.
Attached to the Stein ticket as vice president is Cheri Honkala — a renowned anti-poverty activist based in Philadelphia.
At the center of Stein and the Green Party's plan to move the country forward is the "Green New Deal."
"It's a whole bunch of solutions," Stein said.
Much like the New Deal enacted by President Roosevelt in the 1930s, Stein said, the Green Party's initiative seeks to stimulate the economy in a way that creates jobs. Unlike President Obama's stimulus plan, she said, the "New Deal" would invest in the economy rather than primarily relying on tax breaks.
The highlights of the party's "New Deal" include an "Economic Bill of Rights," a transition to renewable energy jobs to revitalize the economy, reform the tax system and relieve the debt burden of homeowners and students and create a functioning democracy.
Stein said the plan will rebuild the economy, take some of the financial burdens off the citizens, reform health care and preserve the environment. She said all the pieces of the plan resolve many of the issues that have been left unsolved by the last presidential administrations.
"It's a win, win, win," she said.
Voters have seen that President Obama's administration has not moved the country forward but only advanced the damage to the economy, environment and morale beyond what President Bush had done, said Stein.
The Green Party and the voters can win the presidential race, said Stein, and all it will take is people exercising their political choices and showing their political courage.
"It's time to replace the politics of fear with the politics of courage," she said.
Stein will be back in Portland on Saturday and deliver the keynote address at CannaFest in Deering Oaks Park. She is slated to take the stage at 2 p.m.

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