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Bath man arrested after incident involving child at State Museum

Capitol Police reported that a Bath man was arrested after a "bizarre incident" at the Maine State Museum in Augusta Tuesday morning when a child was nearly abducted. Officers have charged 58-year-old James Cavallaro with assault and violating his conditions of release, police reported. Cavallaro was taken to the Kennebec County Jail.
Capitol Police were called to the museum just after 11 a.m. when they received a report from museum staffers that a man had grabbed a 2-year-old girl and attempted to leave the building with her, police reported. A museum receptionist saw the incident, intervened and the girl was released, police said.
The child was with her grandmother at the time. The woman had turned her back to hang up coats in the museum's coat room when the incident took place, police said. Capitol Police found Cavallaro in the parking lot and took him into custody without resistance, according to a Maine Department of Public Safety press release. Cavallaro was out on bail on an unrelated charge from Sagadahoc County, police said.
Capitol Police is the bureau of the Maine Department of Public Safety that provides security and police services to the State House and other state buildings around Augusta.

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Teen arrested for terrorizing in wake of Windham incident

A 16-year-old male suspect was identified and subsequently arrested and charged with eight counts of class C terrorizing, one for each school evacuated as a result of a threat sent via email to schools in RSU No. 14 Windham Raymond school district Monday morning, officials reported.
An "unspecified threat" was emailed to the RSU No. 14 Windham Raymond school district Monday morning, prompting a lockdown and evacuation, officials reported. Schools remained closed Tuesday and Wednesay as police continued to investigate the incident, school officials reported.
The Windham Police Department along with members of the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit attempted to identify the source of the emails Monday and Tuesday, according to Lt. James Boudreau
Windham Police Department.
By late Tuesday afternoon the investigation had focused toward a specific individual, and the investigators involved developed sufficient probable cause for the application and issuance of a search warrant, Boudreau reported.
On Tuesday evening at about 5 p.m., the officer's from the Windham Police Department and agents from the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit executed that search warrant, and as a result the 16-year-old was arrested, police said. The investigation has determined that the suspect, whose name was not released by authorities, is the author of both e-mails, Boudreau reported. The suspect is a Windham resident, but not a current student of RSU 14, police said.
Some of the evidence collected indicates there was a potential of danger for students and staff, Boudreau said.
In an apparently unrelated incident, on Thursday, Thornton Academy in Saco was in lockdown and the Saco Police Department was on site and secured the campus in response to a threat received by phone, officials there reported. All students were released early.
Thornton Academy is a coeducational boarding and day school serving grades 6-12.

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School remains out in Windham amid email threats investigation

An "unspecified threat" was emailed to the RSU No. 14 Windham Raymond school district Monday morning, prompting a lockdown and evacuation, officials said. Schools will remain closed Tuesday as police continue to investigate the incident, school officials reported.
Police were involved immediately and began conducting an investigation Monday morning, said Cindy Kennie, executive assistant to the superintendent.12-16-14-prince-sanford-Windham
An alert was issued, which read, "We have received an unspecified threat and are dismissing school. There is an on-going investigation by the police. We are dismissing High School and Windham Middle School Students and Jordan Small Middle School at: 9:15 a.m. Raymond Elementary School will be dismissed at 10:15 a.m. Windham Primary School and Manchester School and will be dismissed at: 10:45 a.m. A decision will be made later on the status of after school activities, sports and Adult Education."
The threat did not indicate which school was targeted and students were already on site, so the district officials authorized a lockdown and then evacuation, Kennie said.
"We will certainly be updating our parents through our notification system," she said, which includes text messages, email and telephone calls.
Sanford Prince, superintendent,wrote to parents on Monday afternoon, "After reviewing the situation with law enforcement, we have mutually decided to allow more
time for the investigation to proceed; thus all schools will be closed tomorrow, December 16, 2014."
Police continue investigating the incident, with help from state computer crimes experts.
Two different RSU 14 school officials opened their work email and found emails, sent from different sources and of different wording, that were "of a threatening nature towards the school system," wrote Lt. Jim Boudreau with the Windham Police Department. The Windham Police with the help of the Maine Computer Crimes Force launched an investigation, which is ongoing, Boudreau reported Monday.
Prince issued a letter to parents, which reported that school staff, upon learning of the emails, "immediately notified the Windham Police Department. District Officials and Law Enforcement quickly enacted a plan and placed the schools in lockout. Several Windham Police Officers and the Cumberland County Sheriff's department were at the schools within minutes."

Prince wrote, "Please know that we take each threat seriously and our schools have emergency plans that are updated and practiced routinely."

For updates, visit http://www.windham.k12.me.us.

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Coffee By Design adds aerial coffee cup to its East Bayside roastery

Coffee By Design at One Diamond St., Portland, gave East Bayside a unique touch of aerial artwork with the installation Monday of a huge sculptural coffee cup on the roastery's roof.
The sculpture depicts a bright red coffee cup, 15 feet tall with the stand and the coffee cherries, Coffee By Design explained in a press release. A crane company and construction crew installed the art, a spinning coffee cup sculpture created by Jac Ouellette of South Portland's Anvil Jac Studio.12-16-14-coffee-by-design-1
Weighing more than 700 lbs. and produced by Ouellette and Betsy Dawkins, the sculpture is fashioned from aluminum and steel.
Coffee By Design opened its East Bayside coffee shop and roastery in March, bringing the company's total number of coffeehouses to five. Owners Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear — who were named Maine SBA Small Business Persons of the Year for 2014 — emphasize "running a sustainable business dedicated to the arts, the environment, and the community," according to the company's website.
"Well over a year ago, Ouellette listened to Lindemann and Spear's ideas and
used simple line drawings to start the design process," the company's press release noted. "After viewing the designs, she was given approval to create miniature sculpture versions and study the kinetic nature of the piece. After many rounds, Ouelette was given approval to fabricate the full size sculpture."
For more information, go to www.coffeebydesign.com.

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Wicked Joe Coffee celebrates new Topsham facility

TOPSHAM — Guests on Saturday filed into what looked like a sprawling cafe and coffee house, in a building adorned with solar panels and a charging station for electric cars.
But on Saturday, when Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co. held a grand opening at its new roasting warehouse in Topsham, the sights had to compete with the smells.
Bill Guddeck, lead roaster, gave demonstrations while staff from sister company Bard Coffee in Portland provided drink samples.12-16-14-wicked-joe-1
The new Topsham facility features a cupping lab for evaluating coffees, the café for training and the roasting warehouse. This facility is not open to the public, however.
"It's just for us to have fun, to experiment and to train," said Bob Garver, owner with his wife, Carmen, of Bard Coffee in Portland and of Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co., now based in Topsham.
Wicked Joe Coffee moved this summer to Topsham from Brunswick, after a decade on Brunswick's Water Street. An extensive renovation to a 25,000-square-foot building, formerly a Navy commissary (store for equipment and provisions), in Topsham culminated Saturday with the open house.
As the public sampled coffee drinks and listened to roasting demonstrations, Fred Horch, founder of Spark Applied Efficiency of South Portland, provided literature regarding energy efficiency upgrades. Horch, with Pat Coon, acted as "energy advisors" to the roasting company.
Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co. invested in a multitude of improvements, including two different kinds of solar energy collectors — a solar hot-air system helps with the heating, and a solar photovoltaic system on the roof provides electricity. Also, an electric-car charging station will keep a company vehicle charged — Wicked Joe's website reported, "We're able to make daily round trips between our roasting warehouse in Topsham and our retail location, Bard Coffee, in Portland without burning a single drop of petroleum."12-16-14-wicked-joe-2
A "super-efficient roaster" and other enhancements, including long-lasting LED lights and new lighting technology with automated controls, make Wicked Joe's facility "a showcase really for what other businesses can do," said Horch.
When it's all boiled down, the company's focus remains on coffee.
Garver said the roasting warehouse and the Portland coffee shops are two sides of the same coin.
"Here we roast coffee and we wholesale it; Bard, that's where we get the pleasure and the joy of actually serving it," Garver said.
Bard Coffee is located at 185 Middle St., and is open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.
"Look for changes at Bard," Garver added, "we're about to do some changes in that space as well."
Garver underscored a separation between Bard Coffee and Wicked Joe.
"Bard's doing great, that's a separate business, it's a completely separate business," Garver said.
"We use our equipment here," he added, referring to the roasting warehouse, "and we train here, we have a fairly state-of-the-art facility here for training, so we're able to use our resources here to support Bard, but Bard is a really a different company, and all the coffees are sourced separately," he said.
But having said that, Garver added that Bard is enjoying success in Portland.
"It's going great, there are a lot of great players in Portland coffee, just like there are amazing restaurants in Portland. ... There are some great coffee players in Portland right now, the coffee scene. We were proud that Bard has been part of building some of what's happening right now," Garver said.
Brittany Feltovic, manager of Bard coffee shop in Portland, agreed.
"It's been doing really well, especially this past summer, it's probably the biggest bump-up that we've seen so far," she said.
Asked about the abundance of coffee choices in Portland, Feltovic said, "It's almost one of those things where the rising tide floats all boats, where all the of the new coffee shops are really high quality coffee shops so I think that just boosts everybody's awareness about what's out there."

For more information about Bard Coffee, visit http://www.bardcoffee.com. For more about Wicked Joe, visit http://www.wickedjoe.com.

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